Northern Territory Wildlife

Wildlife Wonders of the Northern Territory: A Guide to the Region’s Native Animals

The Northern Territory of Australia is a vast and rugged region, home to a wide range of native wildlife. From the iconic kangaroo to the elusive bilby, there is no shortage of interesting animals to discover in this beautiful part of the country.


The Northern Territory of Australia is home to a diverse range of wildlife habitats, including tropical rainforests, savannas, grasslands, mangroves, wetlands, and coral reefs. Each of these habitats is home to a unique array of plant and animal species, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth.

One of the most iconic and well-known habitats in the Northern Territory is the savanna, which is characterized by grasslands interspersed with scattered trees. Savannas are home to a wide variety of species, including large mammals such as kangaroos, wallabies, and cattle. These grasslands also provide habitat for many species of birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

Another important habitat in the Northern Territory is the tropical rainforest. These forests are characterized by high levels of rainfall and a diverse array of plant and animal life. Rainforests are home to many species of birds, reptiles, and mammals, as well as a wide variety of plants, including trees, shrubs, and ferns.

Wetlands are also an important habitat in the Northern Territory. In the monsoonal wet season these areas are characterized by water-logged soils and are home to a wide variety of plant and animal species, including birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. Wetlands play a vital role in the region’s ecosystem by serving as a habitat for many species and by providing important ecosystem services, such as water purification and flood control.

Wildlife of the NT

One of the most well-known animals in the Northern Territory is the kangaroo. These marsupials are found throughout the region, and are known for their powerful hind legs, which they use to hop at high speeds and to defend themselves from predators. Female kangaroos have a unique reproductive system, in which they can delay the development of their embryo until the timing is right for giving birth.

Crocodiles are another iconic animal of the Northern Territory, and can be found in the region’s tropical wetlands and rivers. These reptiles are known for their size and powerful jaws, and are a top predator in their habitat. Saltwater crocodiles, the largest species of crocodile, can grow up to 7 meters in length and weigh over a ton.

The bilby, a small marsupial found in the arid regions of the Northern Territory, is an elusive and endangered species. These nocturnal animals are known for their long ears and burrowing habits, and are considered a cultural symbol by many Indigenous groups in the region.

Wallaroos, larger relatives of kangaroos, are also found in the Northern Territory. These marsupials are found in a range of habitats, including grasslands, woodlands, and rocky outcrops.

In addition to these well-known animals, the Northern Territory is home to a wide range of other native wildlife, including wallabies, possums, bandicoots, and a variety of bird and reptile species. With its diverse and rugged landscapes, the Northern Territory is a true paradise for nature lovers and wildlife watchers. Whether you’re hiking through the bush, exploring the wetlands, or simply enjoying the beauty of your own backyard, you’re sure to encounter some of the Northern Territory’s fascinating native animals.

Northern Territory Animals

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As well as land animals, there are a number of bird species endemic to the Northern Territory. Some of these include Brolgas (a large crane), Rainbow Lorikeets (a colorful parrot), Jabirus (a large stork), Cockatiels (a type of parakeet), Silver Gulls (a large seabird) and many others. Reptiles such as pythons and frill-neck lizards can also be found in some areas throughout the Territory.

The Northern Territory boasts an impressive array of wildlife species that are endemic to the region—from marsupials and monotremes to birds and reptiles—allowing scientists from all over the world to explore its rich biodiversity. Whether you’re looking for a chance encounter with one of Australia’s iconic kangaroos or seeking out an elusive platypus on your travels through this incredible landscape, there’s sure to be something new waiting around every corner.